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Cairo is the Heart of Egypt and is mythically called the “Mother of the World”.

Since its rise in the 9th century, under Ibn Tulun , Egyptians have known Cairo as Al-Qahira , which means “the victorious”.

Consequently, when in Cairo – the capital of Egypt – you will never, not even for a moment, feel a lonely traveler! In fact you will enjoy traveling through time, from one period to another, exhilarated by the history of those who remained immortal, though bodies were laid to rest thousands of years ago.

Cairo is a city that never sleeps, being the cultural and commercial center of the Arab world and the largest in Africa and the Middle East.

Main Attractions :

The Egyptian Museum -The Great Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx - Memphis and Sakkara - The Hanging Church - Mosque Of Amr Ibn ElAaas - Al Azhar Mosque - The Ibn Tulun Mosque - Mohamed Ali Mosque - Citadel ,-Khan El Khalili - Cairo Tower.